Easy 3 step Haircare routine for a busy gal!

So if you’re a client of mine you’ll know that I am the worst “salesman” when it comes to what you need for your hair. 

I’m a huge believer that you shouldn’t have an unnecessary amount of products under your bathroom sink. 

If you’re that human then check yourself PLEASE! 

And take this blog as a nudge to declutter and keep only the products you NEED not the products “Stacey” sold you because she needed to make bonus that week. 

 In all seriousness most products have a 12 month shelf life once opened and most people my mum in particular has products that she purchased from me when I was employed (5 YEARS AGO!!)

Have you ever wondered what this little symbol means? 


Well now you know, so throw anything out you feel has been in the depths of your cupboard for longer than 12m!! 

My personal haircare routine….

is a simple as a 3 step regime, I have fine to medium thickness hair that loves to be frizzy AF, at the moment I have a weave installed so I find I require hydrating ranges to make sure my hair remains silky! 

CLEANSE (Shampoo) 

TREAT (Conditioner/Treatment) 

PROTECT (Styling/Heat Protection/Leave in Conditioner) 


Now let’s get to the bathroom … Sounds saucy, but it isn’t! 

I start off by thoroughly wetting my hair! (I loooovvvee hair wash day)

I use a “20 cent” piece side of O&M DETOX Shampoo. Thoroughly lather and rinse. 

I now do a second cleanse with PURE GODDESS Shampoo. Thoroughly lather and rinse. 

ALWAYS SHAMPOO TWICE! If your hair is ultra dirty GIRL THROW IN A THIRD. 

Once you’ve cleansed it’s now for the part we all love at the salon the conditioner/treatment, but sorry there won’t be any magic hands popping out of the wall to give that luxurious massage. 

I apply a “20 cent” sized amount of O&M MAINTAIN THE MANE. Concentrating on the mid lengths and ends leave for 2-3 minutes. 

Once I’m out of the shower and back to reality I quickly towel dry my hair, I instantly apply 4-7 pumps of PURE FUSION COMPLEX SPRAY.. I apply it straight away because if I don’t I’ll forget and my motto is the only bad heat protection is the one you’re not using. 

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS USE A HEAT PROTECTANT this is a non negotiable in my mind. If you want smoother, silkier longer lasting hair then you need to use a heat protectant. 

Most styling/leave in products in this day and age contain a level of heat protection, even if you’re not applying heat to style, when you step into the sun, when you’re in your toasty office you still NEED to be protected! 

This is a quick rundown of my GO TO products and a HOW TO USE.. 

All products are available to purchase at the salon

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