I BET You’re CURIOUS, What is Ammonia FREE Hair Colour?

Now that I have your attention, I am here to enlighten and educate you on Ammonia Free Hair Colour.

In the last decade within the hair industry there has been some huge groundbreaking changes around what we actually put on our head.

We’ve said goodbye to perms (PHEEWWWW), the extremely painful tipping caps but unfortunately the same cannot be said about the humble mullet.. but I’m not here to talk about TRENDS that topic is covered in my previous blog.

The biggest changes to the industry haven’t been the styles leaving the salon it has been the massive shift towards sustainability, low toxin colour, and environmental awareness.

Everywhere we look we’re being educated about the harmful things that we do and put into our bodies. But I’m not here to tell you not to eat junk food 7 days a week I’m here to educate you on CLEAN HAIR COLOUR! We have recently made the conscious move to a more CLEAN hair colour system and that is ORIGINAL & MINERAL.

O&M is an Australian Company that prides itself on being an ammonia FREE, PPD FREE and Resorcinol FREE hair colour system.. So in simpler terms the cleanest most “organic” company on the market.

(Yes it’s a thing)

Ammonia free colour, Original & Mineral

Did you know.. curiosity killed the cat?

  • If you’ve ever had a tingling sensation while having your colour applied, you better believe its the ammonia.
  • In some cases Ammonia can cause sinusitis
  • Long term ammonia use can cause dryness and lack of hydration to your hair.
  • Worst of all it is bad for our ecosystem, as even the lowest concentration of ammonia can be harmful to our marine life!!

So why the move now to Ammonia free hair colour?

Making the decision to move across to O&M was easy! Being able to provide our clients and my salon with the safest, cleanest hair colour on the market was a bit of a no brainer for me! 

There seems to be a common misconception around ammonia free hair colour that it won’t perform as well as colour that contains ammonia, THIS COULDN’T BE MORE UNTRUE WITH O&M. We have not been disappointed, this beautiful AUSTRALIAN company is everything we wanted and didn’t know we needed in the salon the colour is incredibly shiny, soft and silky has incredible grey coverage all while protecting your scalp and health.

It is so common for people to be cautious around chemicals. This is where we come in to help guide and provide confidence in having your hair coloured at our salon.

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