Welcome to my first BLOG!

Yeah you read right, my first Blog! Crazy right?

Is this not the best you’re speaking to the manager photo?! I just can’t even with myself in this.

Haha but seriously, just because my life with a Hair Salon, staff and 2.5 year old cyclone child isn’t busy enough I thought I’d add to it!

After 13 years my passion for hairdressing is far from finished! I am hitting a new level and cannot wait to step into this new area and educating and bring some laughs to your lives through my blogs.

Every month if I keep my shit together you’ll find me here talking all things hair trends, fave products, tips and tricks, and being my usual funny self.. of course.

Today I am covering upcoming trends we are seeing in Autumn 2022! And no, it isn’t covid, even though that’s doing a fantastic job!

Trend 1 – Dimensional Brunettes

Being a die hard blonde is a tough gig at the moment with all these ridiculously stunning, shiny brunettes gracing our screens! This by far is one trend that gets so much love on instagram by YOU!

Trend 2 – The Sleek Bun

With mask mandates across Western Australia, there isn’t really a day where I’m not repping the sleek bun, perfect for those days your hair is just a bitch, tame her and put some wax on her, that will be sure to shut her up! Whenever I nail a sleek bun I feel I’ll conquer the world one Karen at a time!

Trend 3 – Poppy but Lived in Blondes

Now this is one I am here for!! Colour has come so far in the last couple of years. Gone are the days of back to back foils to be the blondest most snapped version of yourself! We’re now seeing a huge shift into more lived in dimensional colour but still with impact. Keeping the front poppy and bright ensures you still slay that blonde while only having to be in our chair 8-10 weekly! Can I get an AMEN?!

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